Backpacker Tips for Thailand

Thailand travel tips for backpackers

Thailand is the first country for many new backpackers. Not only is the tourism infrastructure excellent, Thailand is an “easy” place to start backpacking. You can travel alone there safely and without much hassle.

Meeting other travelers is very easy, the country is relatively safe, inexpensive, and central in Southeast Asia. Flights and buses to all other points in Southeast Asia are convenient to arrange.

Visiting Temples in Thailand

Don't be obnoxious! See some dos and don'ts for visiting temples in Thailand.

TEFL Certification Costs in Thailand

TEFL certification costs in Thailand - by Laura Mayer

Visa for India in Chiang Mai

Detailed instructions for how to apply for your India visa in Chiang, Mai, Thailand.

Same Same Guesthouse in Koh Phangan

An interview with two backpackers who bought their guesthouse!

Thailand Full Moon Party Tips

Advice for surviving Thailand's Full Moon Party - by John Peden

Koh Phi Phi Tsunami Scare

A true story of the 2006 Tsunami scare on Ko Phi Phi, Thailand. By Greg [...]

Backpacking Travel Story: Easy as Pai

A funny story about riding a motorcycle through the north of Thailand to Pai.

How to Travel Thailand Cheap

Some basic advice to enjoy backpacking travel for cheap in Thailand. - by Lindsay Lafreniere

Thailand Travel Tips for Backpackers

Thailand Travel Tips: quirky advice and tips from experienced travelers.