How to Travel Thailand Cheap

Some basic advice to enjoy backpacking travel for cheap in Thailand. - by Lindsay Lafreniere

Teaching English Abroad While Traveling

See this traveler's experience of teaching English while in Ecuador. By Tyrel Nelson

Teaching English While Backpacking

Teaching English is the most popular way to stay abroad for long periods of time.

Hostel Working

Working in hostels is an excellent way to slow down, conserve travel funds, and explore [...]

How to Avoid Insect Bites While Traveling

How to avoid insect bites while backpacking. By Erik McLaughlin MD

Malaria Information for Travelers

Malaria Information for backpacking travel in high risk areas. Malaria = bad!

Dealing With TD While Backpacking

TD is common for all backpackers going to a new place and eating street food. [...]

Thailand Travel Tips for Backpackers

Thailand Travel Tips: quirky advice and tips from experienced travelers.

Getting a Passport for Travel

How to get a US passport for backpacking travel. Your passport is the most important [...]

Backpacking Travel Planning

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Visa for Travel

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Vaccinations for Travel

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How to Find Cheap Flights

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Backpacking Travel Insurance

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Travel Preparation

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Trip Purchases

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Backpacking Packing List

See what gear to pack and NOT pack on your big international trip.

Packing a Backpack

Packing a backpack - how to get started, what to bring, and how to stuff [...]

Before Leaving Home

Some suggestions for closing up your life before leaving home.

The Journey Begins!

Some simple advice to help you along the way once the journey begins.