Dengue Fever

Everything a backpacker needs to know about Dengue fever while on the road. - by [...]

How to Travel Responsibly

Responsible travel is easy, here's how to do it!

Traveling Alone

To go solo or travel with someone? Traveling alone makes a huge difference in your [...]

Calling Home While Traveling

Calling home while on the road can be expensive if you don't do it right. [...]

Fruit Picking Work

The truth about fruit picking - hard work, good friends, and a little travel money. [...]

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Travel Medications for Your First Aid Kit

Some suggestions for perfecting your backpacking travel first aid kit - by Erik McLaughlin M.D.

10 Tips for Keeping Your Backpack Safe

10 ways to keep your backpack safe from thieves while traveling.

The Chinese Finger Counting System

The Chinese method of showing numbers on their fingers which comes in handy while negotiating.

How to Improve Your Travel Blog

Some simple ways to improve your backpacking blog while you are on the road

Funny Travel Story

A funny story about surviving backpacking travel in Egypt. By Greg Rodgers

Road to Shangri-la

Backpacking story about finding love on the road to Shangri-la. By Lee Hohen

Koh Phi Phi Tsunami Scare

A true story of the 2006 Tsunami scare on Ko Phi Phi, Thailand. By Greg [...]

Backpacking Travel Story: Easy as Pai

A funny story about riding a motorcycle through the north of Thailand to Pai.

An Alaska Grizzly Encounter Story

The author relates his close encounters with a grizzly bear in Alaska. By Greg Rodgers

Vagabonding Chronicles – Part 2

Cat Duval managed to hitchhike from Canada all the way to South America where she [...]

Vagabonding Chronicles

Cat Duval managed to hitchhike from Canada all the way to South America where she [...]


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Travel Scams in China

Some backpacking travel scams to look out for while you are in China. By Meg [...]

India Travel Advice for Backpackers

Advice and tips for backpacking travel in India. By Ayal Mesher