Perhentian Kecil Tips

Perhentian Kecil Island in Malaysia

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If you haven’t, read this travel guide for Perhentian Kecil in Malaysia!

Preparations for Perhentian Kecil

  • There is no ATM on the island- make sure to bring enough cash. If desperate, you can get cash with a credit card at some resorts and dive shops for a poor rate.
  • Alcohol is expensive on the island and choices are limited. If you are planning on partying, bring some bottles from the mainland.

Getting There

  • Write down the name of your boat company after buying your ticket. If you lose your return ticket you can still confirm your trip back as they register each visitor.
  • Cover your backpack, especially on windy days. The speedboat to the islands can be rough.

Beaches and Accommodation

  • Arrive early at the island for the best chances of finding good accommodation.
  • When considering at which beach to stay, Long beach is most popular with party crowds. Coral Bay is more quiet. Accommodation and food at Coral Bay is slightly cheaper.
  • Keep in mind that crossing the path between Long Beach and Coral Bay at night can be risky. The jungle path is dark and remote — better to team up before crossing. Always bring a torch.
  • Keep your belongings somewhere safe! Ask about a lockbox at reception; unfortunately, some accommodations have a bad reputation for theft.

Activities on Perhentian Kecil

  • Book your snorkeling trip at Coral Bay; lower prices for the same trip are offered.
  • Explore the small beaches behind the Sha-Ri-La Resort — keep climbing over the rocks for more private beaches – and take snorkeling gear which can be rented at shops and small stands.
  • Perhentian Kecil is a great and cheap place to get scuba certified; many dive centers bundle courses with accommodation.
  • When swimming and sunbathing, protect your skin before going to the beach. Even when your skin is already used to the sun — be careful! Really!

Eating and Drinking

  • Try the beach BBQs, fruit shakes and Monkey Juice – the island’s local arak. Monkey Juice is sweet and mixes well with Sprite or Coke. It is sold only at the beach stands and bars. The restaurants don’t sell alcohol but the staff allows you to bring in your own as long as you keep it discreet.

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