Overboard Waterproof Backpack Review

Overboard waterproof backpack

From Borneo to Vietnam, I always tend to be in the wrong country during the wrong season. While rain is welcome when the temperatures are hovering around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, my SLR camera and laptop don’t enjoy getting wet as much as I do.

While trekking in Sumatra last year, I met a German traveler who had the perfect solution: she was carrying an Overboard waterproof backpack. Rather than try to protect over $1000 in fragile electronics from the elements by waterproofing everything internally and using a pack cover, the Overboard waterproof backpack allows you to shove everything inside, roll the top down, and forget about it.

I contacted the company, and they were kind enough to send me not just one, but two of their 20-litre, Pro Sport daybags! So, I’m giving one away (valued at US $69.95!).

Review of the Overboard Waterproof Backpack

Overboard ingeniously managed to combine the functionality of a dry bag — like the ones used by scuba divers for years — with the features of a daybag.

The entire waterproof backpack is made of a heavy, rubbery material, making it entirely waterproof. To seal the bag, you roll the top down as you would with a traditional dry bag. A full strap system with full-sized buckles makes the bag perfect for adventures ranging from the beach and boating to jungle trekking where wet leaves and mud always make a mess out of regular daybags.

The Pro Sport waterproof backpack comes in a 20-litre and 30-litre version. The 20-litre works fine for most applications, unless you need the extra bulk that a 30-litre daybag provides.

The Overboard Pro Sport waterproof backpacks are rated as “Class 3” — which means that they can float and handle quick submersions; good enough for most field applications.

The Good

  • Durable construction and reinforced stitching in the important places
  • A fully-adjustable strap system includes a waist strap with full-sized buckle and sternum strap.
  • The front straps have loops that support carabiners, a hydration system, and army-style MOLE and ALICE clips for adding things.
  • A zipping, internal pocket for small things
  • Reflective strips on the outside
  • Two ways to close the bag using the buckles
  • Good padding on the straps for carrying heavy loads
  • Air-flow padding to stop back sweat
  • A mesh, zippered outside pocket for quick access to small items

The Bad

  • The solid construction contributes to the empty weight of the bag; ultralight backpackers will notice.
  • This waterproof backpack is cavernous! Locating small items inside (i.e., a pen) is a challenge.
  • The unrolled length of the bag is quite long, making it difficult to reach things inside while sitting on a plane, etc.

The Ugly

I’ve carried this bag for a few months now and have yet to find anything “ugly” about it. In fact, you are probably sure to turn a few adventurous heads while carrying this waterproof backpack!

Waterproof backpack review

In Summary

Have no doubt about it, the Overboard Pro Sport waterproof backpack belongs on the boat, in the field, and any place where you need reliable protection from the elements. This is not the best choice as an urban or airplane carry-on bag. Overboard does make other bags more suited for those applications.

November 2017 Update

I’m still carrying my Overboard waterproof backpack! It is certainly showing its age, and I’m certain it wouldn’t be waterproof if tossed overboard, but it still provides excellent protection from weather. Carrying this bag gives me a lot of peace of mind and keeps my laptop in one piece.

And in the UK: http://www.over-board.co.uk/