How to Exchange Links

Exchanging links with other sites causes Google and other search engines to visit more frequently, which can help out your rankings and bring in more visitors.

If you are going to go through the trouble of exchanging links with a site, you might as well get the most benefit in Google!

Rule #1: Don’t just link the site URL! Putting “” as a link on your site does very little good at all. By using keywords in the anchor text it can greatly benefit both sites. For example – a link should look like one of these:

Backpacking Tips or Backpacking Travel or Backpacking Guide

Rule #2: Your website should be backpacking or budget-travel related!

Rule #3: As a courtesy and to make the exchange fair, please don’t set the link to “NOFOLLOW” in the HTML code.


When linking, please use the text “backpacking tips” or “backpacking guide” in the link and make the URL — can right click on the link to the left and copy it to make things easier. We will gladly return the favor.

Your link will be displayed either on our backpacking links page or the vagabonding blogs page.

Content Exchange / Article Swap

I am always accepting quality articles (you can link your blog/site) from a bio block below the article. If you are interested in sending original content to, please read the writer’s guidelines. Note: We do not accept SEO-oriented articles from SEO agencies.

I have travel essays, funny stories, inspirational articles, and how-to pieces always ready to customize and send your way if you are looking for new content.

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