So where are the backpacking forums?

Sadly, after seven years of great tips, stories, travel advice, and real-life meetups, I’ve had to retire the forums for now.

The decision didn’t come lightly. Year after year, I’ve dealt with an increasing number of hack attempts, malware infections, and time-wasters. Believe it or not, I was receiving around 200 SPAM registrations per day! Finding a real registration to approve manually wasn’t so easy.

The coup de grace, the deathblow, came because the version of Simple Machine Forums I was running was no longer supported and had many security issues. When I upgraded the forums, the old database was no longer compatible. After two late nights of unsuccessfully hacking around on it, I decided to just shut it down. Old forums software is pretty much an obsolete beast these days, anyway.

Apologies if you came here looking to play, but there is some good news!

I recommend the excellent travel forums at

Also, you’ll find some great stuff in the inactive-yet-useful archives at the travel forums on BootsnAll — that’s where I got my start and planned the start of my vagabonding life back in 2005.

I don’t really recommend wasting much time around Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree forums. You’re more likely to be flamed by an insecure douchebag than to have a sincere travel question answered.

See you on the road!