Greg Rodgers on Indonesian adventure

I’m Greg Rodgers, the creator and editor of this site. That’s me in an Indonesian fishing boat, somewhere in East Flores on the way to Papua, after having almost died at sea in a storm.

Email is always the preferred method of contact here. You should get an answer within 48 hours if I’m not lost somewhere in the jungle or Himalayas — which is sometimes the case. If you haven’t heard back from me in one week, contact the authorities!

(or assume that I don’t want whatever it is you’re selling)

We Don’t Do Links

Please do not contact me about posting “guest” or SEO-oriented articles.


If you own a travel site, I would love to collaborate, however, I do not participate in reciprocal link exchanges.

For Advertising

If you are interested in advertising on or one of our partner sites, please refer to the advertising page for data, pricing, and exciting ways we can work together. We offer some unseen-before advertising options in the travel space.

For Contributions

First, please see our contributor’s guidelines to decide if you still wish to continue.

No matter if you are a seasoned, scarred-up traveler with advice to share or a future traveler with questions, please reach out! The world isn’t as big as it used to be.

Let’s sit down and share some tales from the road.


You can find other ways to be social on the Greg Rodgers homepage.

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If you want to send gifts, offerings, or snakes, I’ll get them when I visit home:

Gregory Rodgers
PO Box 8496
Lexington, Kentucky 40533-8496


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