Travel Work

Guitarist finding travel work Photo Credit: Dc Lovensky

Fund Your Backpacking Trip

Musicians can find a little travel work, but unless you know more than a “G” chord, doing so isn’t easy! At the least, you’ll probably get a few free drinks.

There are other options. All long-term travelers are looking for ways to make their trips sustainable. Blogging isn’t an easy way to get there…but until you become Insta-famous, there are ways to earn money on the road.

Teaching English, fruit picking, bar/cafe work, TEFL, and a lot of seasonal jobs keep backpacking travelers on the road indefinitely. Some become divemasters and decide to make a life of the islands. Watch out: it’s harder work than it sounds!

Many backpackers in Southeast Asia end up in Australia at the end of their trips to take advantage of the generous working holiday visa.

If you found a unique way to fun your backpacking trip, share it with us!

Here are some other options for finding travel work abroad as you move around.