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a backpacker walks railway tracks in Sri Lanka Photo Credit: Etienne Boulanger

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How to Secure a Guesthouse Room While Traveling

See ways to hide money and secure your guesthouse room from thieves while traveling.

Visiting Temples in Thailand

Don't be obnoxious! See some dos and don'ts for visiting temples in Thailand.

Going Alone as a Solo Female Traveler

Great advice for women heading out alone. - By Amberly Young

Tips for Crossing Borders by Land

Some easy advice for making border crossings less stressful. - by Greg Rodgers

Women Traveling Alone

Should women travel alone? Absolutely! Tips for solo female travel by Leyla Giray

How to Travel Responsibly

Responsible travel is easy, here's how to do it!

10 Tips for Keeping Your Backpack Safe

10 ways to keep your backpack safe from thieves while traveling.

The Chinese Finger Counting System

The Chinese method of showing numbers on their fingers which comes in handy while negotiating.

How to Improve Your Travel Blog

Some simple ways to improve your backpacking blog while you are on the road