Backpacking Guide

Use this backpacking guide to walk through 10 steps to start backpacking around the world. See step-by-step advice for passports, visas, vaccinations, packing, preparation, finances, and more.

Getting a Passport for Travel

How to get a US passport for backpacking travel. Your passport is the most important [...]

Backpacking Travel Planning

Planning backpacking travel - some suggestions for what to think about without over planning. Half [...]

Visa for Travel

Research your visas for travel before leaving home - some have crazy requirements and are [...]

Vaccinations for Travel

Which vaccinations you need for backpacking travel - don't spend money to be turned into [...]

How to Find Cheap Flights

Booking your ticket - advice and secrets for finding cheap flights while others are paying [...]

Backpacking Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for backpackers - it's not very expensive and might come in handy if [...]

Travel Preparation

Backpacking travel preparations to do at home before you start your big trip. Setting up [...]

Trip Purchases

What to purchase for your backpacking trip. Don't spend all of your travel money before [...]

Packing a Backpack

Packing a backpack - how to get started, what to bring, and how to stuff [...]

Before Leaving Home

Some suggestions for closing up your life before leaving home.

The Journey Begins!

Some simple advice to help you along the way once the journey begins.