Backpacking Books

Backpacking Traveler on street

Some good backpacking books are a necessity for anyone planning a vagabonding trip or enduring a long plane ride. They keep us motivated, open our eyes to new possibilities, and offer some sanity on long flights and between trips while saving money for the next adventure.

All of these backpacking books I have personally read, enjoyed, and recommend to all travelers, both future and present.

Note: If you buy one of these through my Amazon links below, I may get 20 cents or so!

Travel adventure books for backpackers:

Without a doubt, the inspiration for many who started vagabonding as a way of life. Rolf Potts is very easy to read and gets your mind working in a positive way. No one can read this book and not be ready to pack up and hit the road!

Rolf Pott’s collection of travel essays from his experiences all over the world. He has added interesting footnotes at the end of each explaining the story in personal, intimate detail.

This older book is about the fantastic journey of a young man that leaves all and begins walking across America. His adventures through small towns and the people that he meets defines the essence of what travel is all about.

Seen the movie? Read the book — way better. A guy that burns too hot for regular society, despite the pressures from family and friends to just jump into the rat race after school, he hits the road with nothing in his pockets and makes his way to Alaska to live in the wilderness.