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Get your website or product in front of the world and thousands of backpackers and budget travelers — for cheap! has been a travel favorite since 2007 and enjoys thousands of unique visitors specifically looking for backpacking advice and budget travel help. We consistently rank on the first page of Google for “backpacking-travel-related searches. I maintain this site as I continue to travel the world and share over a decade of tips and experiences with new backpackers.


85 percent of’s traffic comes from the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

  • 43 percent of our readers are between the ages of 18-25
  • 36 percent are between the ages of 26-35
  • 21 percent are over age 35


A majority (72 percent) of our traffic comes from search engines rather than lower-quality “social” traffic such as StumbleUpon and Twitter. Search visitors are much more likely to click your ads.

Advertising Options

I’m always open to new and creative ways to get your service in front of travelers. Pitch it! The one form of advertising I will always decline is weak guest content that contains FOLLOW text links. Please don’t waste everyone’s time by requesting that I publish your text links.

The best-performing type of ad now tends to be “sponsored by” pages, articles, and content. A “This backpacking guide brought to you by …” with a link to your service.

I can custom code ads to appear only on the homepage, in the sidebar, or only on specific posts — up to you!


Plain and simple: Your site MUST be of use to budget travelers and backpackers to be accepted on

All advertisements and sponsorships will be marked clearly as “advertisement” on this site.

Getting Started

If you have questions or are interested in advertising, please use the contact page. Payment is usually made via PayPal. is independently owned and all cash made from advertising goes to keep Greg Rodgers (an avid budget traveler) fed, watered, and on the road!