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In its third iteration/launch, has been a traveler favorite since 2007!

We attract hundreds of thousands of unique visitors who return to find backpacking advice and budget travel help. We’ve enjoyed millions of pageviews as readers were inspired to travel, then returned to contribute to the site.

I’m the creator and editor, Greg Rodgers. I maintain this site as I continue to travel the world and share over a decade of tips and experiences with new backpackers.

Please see these advertising guidelines so that we can establish a productive relationship!


Approximately 85 percent of’s traffic comes from the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

  • 43 percent of our readers are between the ages of 18-25
  • 36 percent are between the ages of 26-35
  • 21 percent are over age 35


A majority (74 percent) of our traffic comes from search engines rather than lower-quality “social” traffic such as StumbleUpon. Search visitors are much more likely to have an interest and click your ads.

Advertising Requirements

Backpackers aren’t too fond of rules, so there are few. But these rules are strictly upheld:

  • We DO NOT sell simple text links.
  • We do not accept guest posts with commercial intent or SEO “follow” links embedded.
  • Your service or product must be of use to the budget travel community.
  • We do not allow you to set tracking cookies with custom code.

Advertising Options

I’m always open to new and creative ways to get your service in front of travelers. In the past, we’ve done widgets, custom contact forms, targeted content, and other creative ways that beat the usual options. The secret? Engage! Our top-10 busiest pages are open for “sponsors” with your name and logo prominently placed. Think: “This page brought to you by…”

I do custom coding and writing, and I’m full of mischievous ideas for creative ways to get your link in front of people — the right way.

Payment is usually made via PayPal. We can set up automatic monthly payments.

Advertiser’s / Media Kit

Coming soon!

With the site in soft launch (Feb 2018) and being reconstructed from the ground up, the media kit is being reworked.

We want to first do some A / B tests to see the best placement of ads without disrupting our readers’ experience. If you’d like to be a part of this extremely inexpensive advertising initiative, please reach out.

Ways to Get a Discount

Price varies according to solution, however, rates begin as low as US $30 / month for banner placement.

  • Advertise for three months at a time or longer
  • Bundle advertising across more than one of my travel websites (I run several).
  • Pay in lump sum rather than monthly

Getting Started

Please use the contact page to reach out or send an email to is independently owned and all cash made from advertising goes to keeping this site alive. Our mission is to make the world a better place by getting as many people out on the road as possible!

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