Teaching English

teaching english

Teaching English

How to travel forever!

If you speak English, you can pretty much travel forever! This is one of the most popular options for long term travelers looking to earn funds and reside outside of their home countries.

English does not even have to be your first language in order to start teaching English, and no, you do not have to speak the local language where you want to teach! You will learn some of the local language once you get there, but it is not expected.

Most schools want to submerge their students in English, and many even just want your Western presence in their schools. Some schools in developing countries offer room and board, and some countries such as Japan and Korea pay a good solid salary, allowing you to live abroad AND save travel funds for the future.

Teaching English is not for everyone, but if you enjoy the challenge of getting others excited in the classroom, this is the perfect travel gig for you.

Even if you have no teaching experience, you can still probably find work. Getting your TESOL/TEFL certification helps bring credibility and gives you an edge over other travelers. Just have a look at some of the available teaching jobs in other countries.

You can even take the short certification course online, which opens up your options later once you are on the road.  You will probably never make it rich by teaching English, but it can extend your travels infinitely!

You can decide to volunteer your time just to live somewhere warm and beautiful with a new culture, or you can take a paying job. Either way, by living and working in a country, you will gain an insight into the life and culture that most travelers never get to see.

Teaching English is without a doubt the surest way to get funds while on the road. Even you do not intend to make teaching a career, the leadership experience looks great on future resumes. Not only that, but the personal experiences that you gain by teaching and interacting with locals will last a lifetime.

You can greatly increase your chances of teaching English abroad by getting your TEFL certification online in advance.

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