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getting a passport

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Getting a Passport

( The resources in this section are focused on obtaining an American passport for travel. )

America has the lowest number of passports for travel issued per capita than any other developed nation. By deciding to get your passport, you are stepping forward and declaring yourself as more than just average!

Because of the new requirements put into effect for homeland security, getting a passport can take up to eight weeks or more — apply for yours immediately once you decide to travel ! Add additional time if you need to have your birth certificate reissued. Begin this process first, before the rest of your trip planning.

Where do I get a passport for travel?  Nearly any U.S. Post office will process your passport. Passports are no longer issued outside of the U.S. If you lose your passport while abroad, the embassy cannot help you — your trip is over!

You can search here for authorized passport facilities.

What is required?

  • Proof of US citizenship (birth certificate)
  • Photo Identification (drivers license, student ID, etc)
  • Two qualifying passport-quality photos of yourself (many post offices can take these for you). Don’t try to create these yourself or your application may be rejected without a refund.

What if I can’t find my birth certificate?

Note: As of April 1, 2011, the US requires that your birth certificate have the full names of both parents must be listed to qualify as proof of citizenship.

After I get my passport in the Mail?

  • Take care of your passport! If your passport shows abuse or the picture fades, officials may raise eyebrows at border crossings and may even deny you entry.
  • American passports are hot items on the black market. Store your passport in a safe or lock box when it isn’t on your body.
  • Complete the inside of your passport in pencil so that information can be changed later if necessary.
  • DO NOT LOSE your passport!
  • Did we mention not to lose it? 🙂

Get more information on the: Official US passport information page

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