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The backpacker forums are full of both experienced travelers offering advice as well as fellow Rat race Escapees who are looking for some inspiration and brotherhood. The forums are the living heart of our site, and there are new backpacking tips posted all the time.

Comments on the site have been moved into the backpacking forums to encourage discussion and so that things can be found a little easier! Joining is easy — no more personal information is required than to leave a comment on a blog. Plus, we run contests and make announcements via the forums so stay tuned.

You can get country-specific advice or just vent about your job and share your plans to escape. There isn’t a word of SPAM in the backpacking forums, and our strict don’t-piss-anyone-off policy keeps it that way!

To Register

You can read, but to post in the forums you must do the following:

  1. Register for an account on the forums by going to
  2. Send an email to with the word “forums” in the subject from the same email account.

Please register a username first, then send me an email so that I can approve it. No email = no account.

Sorry for the trouble, but I am receiving 200+ SPAM registration attempts each day. Thank the lowlife scammers for the extra pain.

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backpacking forums

Backpacking Forums