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Backpacking Guide

The steps below are part of our famous 10-step backpacking guide. If you want to go through the guide in order, please go to the official backpacking guide

You will find budget travel tips to get you from the passport application to stepping off a plane in a foreign country. The advice in the backpacking guide is unique and comes directly from notes made by first-time travelers.

Passport for Travel Passport for Travel

How to get a US passport for backpacking travel. Your passport is the most important thing you own while traveling – take care of it!

Travel Planning Travel Planning

Planning backpacking travel – some suggestions for what to think about without over planning. Half the fun is wandering and getting lost in the first place!

Visa for Travel Visa for Travel

Research your visas for travel before leaving home – some have crazy requirements and are harder to get than others.

Vaccinations for travel Vaccinations for travel

Which vaccinations you need for backpacking travel – don’t spend money to be turned into a pincushion for nothing.

How to Find Cheap Flights How to Find Cheap Flights

Booking your ticket – advice and secrets for finding cheap flights while others are paying full price for the same ticket.

Backpacking Travel Insurance Backpacking Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for backpackers – its not that expensive and it might come in handy if you get something stolen

Travel Preparation Travel Preparation

Backpacking travel preparations to do at home before you start your big trip. Setting up finances, contacts, a travel binder, etc.

Trip Purchases Trip Purchases

What to purchase for your backpacking trip. Don’t spend all of your travel money before you even leave home!

Packing a Backpack Packing a Backpack

Packing a backpack – how to get started, what to bring, and how to stuff it all inside!

Before Leaving Home Before Leaving Home

Some suggestions for closing up your life before leaving home.

The Journey Begins! The Journey Begins!

Some simple advice to help you along the way once the journey begins.