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Backpacking Medicine

As a backpacker or independent traveler you may find yourself miles from home and alone. It is important to know how to take care of yourself. Most of our backpacking medicine articles are by a real travel doctor offering wisdom to keep you healthy on the road.

The Dengue Fever The Dengue Fever

Everything a backpacker needs to know about Dengue fever while on the road. – by Lindsay Lafreniere

Avoid Insect Bites Avoid Insect Bites

How to avoid insect bites while backpacking. By Erik McLaughlin MD

Malaria Information Malaria Information

Malaria Information for backpacking travel in high risk areas. Malaria = bad!

Travel Diarrhea Travel Diarrhea

TD is common for all backpackers going to a new place and eating street food. Read how to avoid it.

Vaccinations for travel Vaccinations for travel

Which vaccinations you need for backpacking travel – don’t spend money to be turned into a pincushion for nothing.